Big data and artificial intelligence are constantly innovating and widely used in people’s daily life, bringing human society into the era of the digital economy. People gradually realize that personal information is a kind of data resource with high value, and the growth rate of network users is also very alarming. In platform capitalism, data is gold, which creates great commercial value. As a result, applications and services related to personal information have sprung up.

Due to the continuous improvement of computer computing power, information storage, and sharing capabilities, all user behaviors on the Internet have left traces of data…

In the process of organizing the numerous exhibitions and educational activities of the museum, visitors to the museum are no longer satisfied with the appreciation of the exhibits, thus deriving a new form of consumption — museum cultural creation, which refers to a series of products developed based on the museum’s collection of cultural relics, and gave birth to a mass market for museum cultural creative products.


In 2016, The Palace Museum's intellectual poverty led the entire museum’s cultural and creative industry to “blow out” in China. On May 11, 2016, the Ministry of Culture, the National Development and Reform…

Film and television derivatives are the products of the development of the film and television industry to a certain stage. As an important part of the cultural industry, the operation and consumption of film and television derivatives have played an important role in the soundness and perfection of the cultural industry structure.

Derivatives of Disney


The Belt and Road is a transcontinental long-term policy and investment program which aims at infrastructure development and acceleration of the economic integration of countries along the route of the historic Silk Road. Cultural exchange is an important goal of The Belt and Road and cinema is a medium for such exchange. In the process of the continuous deepening of The Belt and Road, the dissemination of film and television culture has also benefited a lot.

The implementation of The Belt and Road has created an active, open, inclusive, and innovative cultural environment for the dissemination of film and television…

Yuehan Zhu

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